Lauren Husting is a dedicated Music educator who manages to meet each student where they are while maintaining high artistic standards. She is encouraging and delightful, inspiring students with her artistry and passion for making music. From beginners to professionals, Orchestra to Jazz, Lauren helps students find ways to improve, appreciate, and enjoy their music more. She is a treasure. -Dr Sean Greene, director of bands, Gresham Middle School (Knoxville TN)

With 15 years of professional teaching experience with students ranging from beginners through adult amateurs to college students and professionals, Lauren focuses on each student, adapting lessons and goals to the individual’s personal needs. Her philosophy is based on the teachings of Arnold Jacobs and Jan Kagarice, encouraging each student to not only develop strong technique and accuracy, but also move beyond the physical approach to playing and delve into true music-making and innate expression.

In the past years, Lauren’s students have auditioned for and won spots in the Minnesota All State bands as well as Minnesota Youth Symphony, Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, and Minnesota Junior Winds. Former students of hers study music at prestigious institutions such as the University of Iowa and UW-Eau Claire. She encourages performances and recitals whenever possible, but also loves working with students just on the joy of learning a skill and making music.

Lauren also specializes in students of all ages with playing injuries, response issues, and dystonic symptoms.

Interested in lessons? Contact me using the form below!

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