Rates and Policies

Lessons Payment and Scheduling Policies

Monthly Tuition: $150/month for 30-minute lessons; $180/month for 45-minute lessons;  $90/month for every-other-week students (45-60m required). Your tuition includes an average of 4 (2 for EOW) lessons, a monthly studio class, and the fees associated with our studio recital (dates TBD). Additional lessons can be purchased for $30/30 minutes or $40/45 minutes. If you experience financial challenges, please let me know, and we will work out a sliding scale rate*.

Payment: Tuition for the upcoming month is due by the last lesson of the month prior. You may submit payment by cash, check, or online banking. 

Scheduling: You will be assigned a weekly day and time for your lesson that we will both try to keep as consistent as possible, Please understand that I am also a working freelance musician, and may from time-to-time need to reschedule for a gig or rehearsal. I will do my best to make that time up to you promptly. Conversely, if you need to change day or time, please let me know at least 24 hours before.

Lesson Bank: Students can bank up to 4 lessons per year that can be used for make-up lessons. These lessons are valid Sept 1- August 30 and are great for extra help during contest and audition preparation. No other make-ups will be observed.

Breaks: My studio will observe the following vacation weeks and no lessons will be scheduled:

         MEA Weekend, third Thursday-Sunday in October

         Winter Holidays, Dec 23-1st week of January

         Spring Break: TBD, mid-March

         Summer Break: varies by year

Guidelines for Effective Lessons

To make the most out of our time together, please observe the following:

Play your instrument every day. At the very least, take 20 minutes to go through warm-up and fundamental exercises to build a strong foundation for your skills. Ideally, make sure you address all lesson materials and any ensemble music you need to improve upon. If you have trouble creating a routine, let me know, and we will work one out together!

Come to your lesson prepared with what you have been assigned. This will usually include a Key of the Week (scales, arpeggios, ear training, and tunes) and an etude or piece of solo repertoire. Sometimes you won’t always be able to get to everything, but please come to your lesson anyway and be honest about your level of preparedness.

Purchase your own music and materials, and bring them as assigned to each lesson. I can make recommendations as to what (edition, volume, etc) and where you should be able to find items I’ve asked you to acquire.

Come to studio class and perform in recitals. Performance and chamber music are  incredible tools to increase your musical ability, plus you get to meet your peers and impress your families!


*Sliding scale rates for lessons

30 minutes – $15-25 each; 45 minutes – $25-35 each; 60 minutes – $35-45 each

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