Rates and Policies


My teaching fees are based on a monthly tuition payment. Tuition fees include:

  • 3-5 weekly lessons (average is 4, the oddball months balance each other out)
  • participation in monthly studio classes
  • participation in the yearly recital (includes cost of renting hall and compensating pianist)

30 minute lesson package: $150/month

45 minute lesson package: $180/month

Every other week lessons (45-60 minutes only): $80/month

Additional lessons: $35/lesson

I can also offer lesson rates on a sliding scale for those with income challenges:
30 minute lessons: $15-30 per lesson
45 minute lessons: $20-40 per lesson
60 minute lessons: $30-50 per lesson

I accept cash, check, PayPal, or bank-to-bank transfer.

Your Lesson: Expectations

In order for me to provide you with the best quality instruction I can give, I expect you to come to your lesson with the materials I gave you the previous week prepared. We will not always get to everything, but be ready to play anything. It is your responsibility to know what you were assigned. Keep your music organized as neatly as possible.

I am happy to look over music for auditions and/or ensembles as time allows.

We’ll get to more in a lesson if you’re warmed up and ready to dive in. Whenever possible, please go through your daily routines prior to your lesson to ensure you are feeling limber and ready to play. If you are not sure what works best for you, let me know and we will work together to develop a routine.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice of any changes to your weekly availability. If at least 24 hours notice is given, a lesson will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time for both of us, within 4 weeks of the original lesson date. All makeup lessons will be held at my home studio in NE Minneapolis. If you provide less than 24 hours notice, no make-up lesson will be offered. The next week’s normally scheduled lesson cannot be considered a rescheduled lesson.

Rescheduling cancellations because illness or emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please don’t reschedule your lesson if you haven’t practiced or can’t play for some reason, but are otherwise healthy- we can always work on theory, ear-training, and general musical concepts, or continue to build your practice routine.

Please consider giving me at least one month’s notice before suspending lessons for a period of time or discontinuing lessons altogether. This will give me time to adjust my monthly budget as well as provide extra materials and instruction for your practice in your time away from my studio.

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