Weekly Roundup 7/7/15

Reading: Some basics on musical acoustics (so confusing!), and picking up Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music by Glenn Kurtz this week.

Arranging: n/a

Practicing: Alternating lip trill work with multiple tonguing. I have some tricky runs in the arrangement of Rolling Thunder that Metro Brass is doing at the Hudson Bandshell!

Rehearsing: Nice little breather from rehearsals until the 19th.

Performing: Midnight in Moscow, July 12th at Centennial Lakes in Edina. Metro Brass July 23rd at the Hudson Bandshell. I have a new performance calendar! Bookmark it, subscribe to do, do what you gotta do- see you at the gig.

Listening: My brain’s been in a little rut lately, not wanting to process many things, and when that happens I like instrumental things- in particular, soundscape-like music or minimalist works. Dawn of Midi, John Luther Adams, Brad Mehldau.

Teaching: My friend and colleague Brad’s excellent Keys By Degrees worksheet (see my studio resources for a PDF). An excellent way to train your fingers or your slide to follow your ear, and not worry about memorizing key signatures!

Relaxing: Camping up in Northern Wisconsin last weekend. So necessary.