Weekly Round-up 8/22/16


Aug 26 10p-1230a Icehouse
Sept 24 9p-1a Glueks Downtown

Mill City Five:
Aug 26 7-830p Minnehaha Falls Pavilion
Sep 23 8-11p Bistro La Roux

Rehearsals: Satellites on Thursday to learn three new songs for our sets at Icehouse Friday!

Practicing: Annie Laurie, Red Dragonfly, Bitsch No 1, Telemann Canonical Sonata No 1, Rochut No 13. AND UMN Ensemble audition repertoire. *exhausted emoji*

Listening: Lots and lots of Clara Schumann.

Teaching: Practicing habits for all modalities and learning styles.

Studying: UMN entrance exams. On repeat. This is next week. I won’t talk about it any more after that, I promise.

Relaxing: Kayaking, biking, hanging with friends, just trying to get all the summer in I can in the next two weeks.