Weekly Round-up 3/7/16


Performances: Easter Services at Bethlehem Lutheran in S Mpls on March 27th are the next thing up for now!

Rehearsals: nothing this week.

Practicing: Starting to make a plan for how I want to be best prepared for doctoral work in the fall. Collaborating with my future professor on the best course to take!

Listening: Blackstar, David Bowie.

Teaching: Healthy practice habits- this includes posture!

Studying: Flow. Plus, looking deeper into our physiology to find how our body moves and works and how we can let it learn naturally.

Relaxing: Doing crossword puzzles, having tea with friends.


Weekly Round-up 1/11/16

Hello all and welcome to 2016! This is the first weekly post of the year and I’m excited to share some new performances, information, and materials with you. Here goes!

Performances: Lots upcoming in January. As always I keep a calendar updated on this site.

Next Sunday, 1/17, 2pm- Winona Chamber Winds. One of my bucket list pieces, the Stravinsky Octet for Winds, is on this concert. If you can make the drive or will be in the area, I would love to see you!

Sunday, 1/24, 11-4 – BrassChix Annual Forum for women and girls who play brass instruments! I’m so excited to be a part of this again. I’ll be giving a trombone seminar in the morning and performing a movement of Red Dragonfly by Amy Mills in the afternoon.

Monday, 2/8 12pm- Hamline University Lunch Recital. More info to come! These are short, informal half-hour recitals and I am happy to be the featured artist for February.

Rehearsals: Prepping for WCW next weekend. Metro meets on Sunday the 17th.

Practicing: So there’s a lot on my plate this month. On top of the above performances I am also preparing for my audition to enter doctoral study at the U in the fall. That audition is February 6th. Luckily, I can recycle much of the material from other gigs.

Listening: Recently I’ve been sharing favorite recordings and performances of classical and art music with a friend. It’s taken me down a rabbit hole of orchestral music that has been refreshing.

But, also, David Bowie, thank you, Starman, for blowing our minds.

Teaching: Air is all you need. Let your line do the work.

Studying: Aspects of zen and Buddhist meditation.

Relaxing: Not going to be a lot of that this month, but I made a few New Year’s Resolutions, many of them focusing on getting out into the world more, and experiencing. Less screen time, more art, dance, music, friends, and life.


Weekly Roundup 5/5/15

Reading: Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Oliver Sacks

Arranging: Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One is done for The Satellites. I’m out of things to arrange- unless I finally get around to that instrumental version of David Bowie’s Fame that I’ve always wanted to do…

Practicing: Red Dragonfly, Annie Laurie, Elegy for Mippy II (to keep up with a student who will perform it for his MYS audition next month).

Rehearsing: Metro on Sunday had a long rehearsal in preparation for our June 4th concert. We dove into Da Pacem, which I arranged for the group a few weeks ago.

Performing: No gigs currently booked until end of May.

Listening: A friend invited me to see Lady Lamb the Beekeeper tonight at 7th Street Entry, so I’ve been rocking out to her smart, heavy lyrics.

Teaching: I may have finally found my metaphor for airflow- at least, it’s worked with a few students so far! I want air to ‘flow’ like water, I’ve talked about putting your foot on the gas pedal, I’ve asked students to move their air like a solid brick of sound. The other day I reversed the concept of control, and asked a student to imagine I was pulling the air/sound out of him, like a string. It worked immediately. And it worked again with another student. Teaching. Win.

Relaxing: Avengers: Age of Ultron! Minneapolis MayDay festivities. Long hikes along the Minnesota River. Bike rides. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love spring.