Weekly Roundup 5/12/15

Reading: Requested a few books on musical acoustics from the library. Thumbing through my old ear-training texts.

Arranging: In the editing stages of charts for the Satellites. We have a gig! June 27th. Details to follow. A few changes to make to Da Pacem Domine before Metro’s concert on June 4th.

Practicing: Metro Brass charts, lip trills, and a review of alto clef because I am rusty!

Rehearsing: Midnight in Moscow met last week and we had a productive rehearsal revamping some of our favorite charts. Our next gig on the books is July 12th!

Performing: Metro Brass: June 4th. The Satellites: June 27th. Midnight in Moscow: July 12th. Metro Brass: July 23. More information under “Upcoming” on my homepage.

Listening: Brandi Carlile, a little bit, but mostly silence has been nice this week.

Teaching: Two students are trying out for Minnesota Junior Winds, so I’ve been prepping them for that and helping them record. Other students are diving into learning tunes by ear, and working with the Intonation Helper.

Relaxing: Spent lots of time at Eloise Butler this weekend, volunteering. It’s so gorgeous there, you guys. Go check it out.

Weekly Roundup 4/28/15

Reading: Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Oliver Sacks

Arranging: Arranging went on halt last week as I undertook a new project: revamping my studio welcome packet.  Just today though, I got back on track and finished I’ve Never Found a Man for The Satellites. Tomorrow I’ll take on Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One and then, unless Alan picks some new tunes, I’ll be done for a while!

Practicing: Red Dragonfly, Annie Laurie, chromatic scale patterns, lip slurs up to the 9th and 10th partials.

Rehearsing: Midnight in Moscow had a great rehearsal last Wednesday- it was much needed after a stressful day for me. We have a gig on the books and are working on more- stay tuned!

Performing: No gigs currently booked until May.

Listening: Sleater-Kinney absorbed much of my weekend, being the most excellent soundtrack to clean the house on a sunny day.

Teaching: Several of my students have asked for help with intonation issues, so I’ve prescribed lots of slow scales and tunes with the Intonation Helper. Intonation isn’t something your slide does. It’s something your ears do.

Relaxing: Biking, eating tacos, petting kitties, reading in the sunshine.