Weekly Roundup 2/11/2015

Reading: A review of Trombone Technique, the 1971 manual by Dennis Wick, was in order. It’s helpful to see where we’ve been, and what we’ve discovered since! Also, this article is a no-brainer but I guess we need to see things like this to keep funding art in schools:

Practicing: Blume, 36 Studies for Trombone with F Attachment: #19.

Rehearsing: St Peter Street Stompers rescheduled for tonight, so I still have that coming up. Metro Brass met on Sunday night and had a great rehearsal digging into the songs selected for our performance next weekend (which I unfortunately can’t make! There will be a sub holding down my chair). Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra is performing Franck’s Symphony in D Minor on Saturday, so that should be a good time.

Performing: Empty calendar! Send me gigs!

Listening: John Luther Adams, Songbirdsongs; Franck Dm Symphony; Arvo Part, Tabula Rasa.

Teaching: Later today I’ll have a post about covering the basics in practicing: hitting range, dynamics, and articulation as a part of your technical studies to give you more flexibility on the horn. Last weekend I sat in on my friend Melissa‘s lessons to get some insight and inspiration. I love how focused on her students she is, and how carefully she observes their progress. I’ve made copious notes on incorporating that into my own lessons.

Relaxing: Legend of Korra, Books 3 & 4, almost done (eep! what will I do then?). Reading Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow by Andy Studevant for a book club next weekend. Great insights into the MSP arts community, and very enjoyable reading.

January Special!

Promotion Time!

I have room for 5-7 more students in my studio. Book weekly lessons in trombone, baritone/euph, or tuba from me between now and February 1st and I will discount 3 months of lessons by $20/month!

Bonus! If any of my current students refer a friend to my studio, the current student will receive 1 free lesson for each referral.

Email me at lahusting@gmail.com for more details.