Women’s History Month Profile: Lauren Veronie Curran

March feature! Each week I will profile a different woman or women in music who are particular heroes or inspiration for me.

This week, please welcome to the stage



Lauren Veronie Curran¬†is cool not just because we share a name, or because we went to school together at North Texas. She’s cool because she’s following her dreams boldly and without apology. She’s cool because she rocks at euphonium and she wants to share it with you.

Lauren studied with Dr Brian Bowman at UNT, and in 2008 won a position in the US Army Field Band. Since taking the chair she has toured worldwide and performed to countless audiences, bringing her unique joy and energy for music to her listeners.

So far this month I’ve featured a jazz artist, an orchestral performer, and a solo artist/teacher. But for those looking for careers in music, you can often look no further than your country’s military bands. They offer competitive salary, benefits, and a chance to see the world and work with musicians at the top of their fields. Lauren’s career is a good example of what you can do with the Army behind you.

Her blog is insightful, inspirational, and hilarious. You should check it out.

Meanwhile, here’s Lauren performing “Midnight Euphonium” by Goff Richards, with her own US Army Field Band.