Weekly Roundup 11/8/15

Reading: Nothing for work

Arranging: Satellites charts as the new lead sheets get to me.

Practicing: I had a PHENOMENAL lesson with Scott Moore, professor at Gustavus Aldophus, on Friday. We talked a lot about breath control and the art of breathing in- to end a note out- which is not something I’d thought about before. Letting that sink in this week.

Rehearsing: My trombone trio has reunited with a new tenor player joining us, John Maddox! We are preparing a recital on December 8th, our ‘one night only’ chance to say goodbye to Derek before he moves to Maryland in January. 😦

Performing: Played a concert with M’haha yesterday: Hanson Symphony No 2 and Faust Ballet Music. Super fun to perform with that orchestra. The Hanson is new to me and it may go into heavy rotation in my orchestral listening.

Listening: That is, once I stop listening to Hamilton, which will be NEVER

Teaching: Thinks I picked up from Dr Moore regarding breath control. Also high range practice using tunes.

Relaxing: Whenever I can. This weekend I travel to St Louis to see my friend Gabe, and then we are heading to Springfield, MO to see our former UNT classmate Jason Hausback. He now teaches at MSU- and is having our professor, Jan Kagarice, give a clinic to his students. It’s going to be a mini-UNT reunion with some of my favorite Eagles.

Weekly Roundup 9/9/15

Reading: Work Hard, Be Nice is waiting for me at the library.

Arranging: I learned a few things from our first Satellites gig. The foremost: make the music bigger so you can actually read it on a dim stage. That’s this week’s task.

Practicing: My practice grid is working out great! I ran through trill exercises today and practiced chromatic and major scale patterns. Feeling fleet on the slide!


Rehearsing: Minnehaha Repertory Orchestra begins meeting again this Saturday! We’re playing Brahms 2. ❤

Performing: No performances this week.

Listening: See above.

Teaching: Back to school! Met with my Chanhassen students yesterday, and am starting the year strong by encouraging good practice habits and routine-building.

Relaxing: Gong to ASI on Friday night for Cocktails at the Castle, a wedding reception on Saturday, and starting Buffy season 6 with my friend M on Sunday.