Weekly Roundup 9/1/15

Reading: Re-reading a few special chapters of Musicophilia in honor of the legendary Oliver Sacks, who passed away on Sunday. Minds and spirits like his occur only a few times a generation.

Arranging: A few edits (and one major revision) for Satellites charts.

Practicing: I’ve created a practice grid to help me remember to cover all the basics!


Rehearsing: Satellites had full band rehearsal on Sunday night. I’m so excited to put this band on a stage and see what we can do.

Performing: TONIGHT at Jazz Central Studios, playing 3rd bone with the Bill Simenson Orchestra. AND Saturday: The Satellites Sept 5 at 11pm, Icehouse. Our premiere gig!


(look at that sweet branding!)

Listening: Sometimes the overloaded music brain needs a break. I’ve been mostly listening to news and podcasts.

Teaching: End of summer preparation for lots of students- getting those chops back for band camp and rehearsals and auditions. For some marching band folks, I’m offering ‘crash courses’ on how to effectively memorize music.

Relaxing: Labor Day weekend is upon us already! I’m taking it easy- staying in town- and enjoying the daylight while it lasts.

Weekly Roundup 5/5/15

Reading: Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Oliver Sacks

Arranging: Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One is done for The Satellites. I’m out of things to arrange- unless I finally get around to that instrumental version of David Bowie’s Fame that I’ve always wanted to do…

Practicing: Red Dragonfly, Annie Laurie, Elegy for Mippy II (to keep up with a student who will perform it for his MYS audition next month).

Rehearsing: Metro on Sunday had a long rehearsal in preparation for our June 4th concert. We dove into Da Pacem, which I arranged for the group a few weeks ago.

Performing: No gigs currently booked until end of May.

Listening: A friend invited me to see Lady Lamb the Beekeeper tonight at 7th Street Entry, so I’ve been rocking out to her smart, heavy lyrics.

Teaching: I may have finally found my metaphor for airflow- at least, it’s worked with a few students so far! I want air to ‘flow’ like water, I’ve talked about putting your foot on the gas pedal, I’ve asked students to move their air like a solid brick of sound. The other day I reversed the concept of control, and asked a student to imagine I was pulling the air/sound out of him, like a string. It worked immediately. And it worked again with another student. Teaching. Win.

Relaxing: Avengers: Age of Ultron! Minneapolis MayDay festivities. Long hikes along the Minnesota River. Bike rides. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love spring.