Husting Studio Scholarship Fund 2016: FUNDED

Campaign wrap-up time!

(I’m leaving donations open for a little while longer in hopes that last $75 might sneak in, but this is the last you’ll hear from me until students start lessons)

Here are some 2016 Statistics I found interesting:

Campaign length: 1 month
# of Donors: 63
Repeat donors from 2015: 26
Members of my studio who donated: 6
Donation range: $5-$360
# of Countries represented: 4
Farthest away Donors: Melbourne, Australia (x2!)
Distance Donor shout-outs: Gothenburg, Sweden & Bangalore, India
Mood upon completing year 2: Grateful, excited, overwhelmed, amazed, loved, and ready to get to work.

Thank you all of you for making Year 2 a runaway success. Last year when I began the campaign, it was just a hunch. This year, I took a big risk doubling the donation ask, and worried it’d be too much. But I underestimated how much y’all value music education. Thank you, eternally, thank you.

Love and Low Brass,


Support my Studio Scholarship Campaign!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls:

May I present to you my first ever fundraiser to sponsor a student scholarship to my studio!

I’m so excited to have raised a third of my goal in the first 24 hours, and can’t wait to see what happens next. In the future I hope to expand this program with grants and other campaigns, but this year I’m starting small. If I can get $1,500, I can provide a low-income student with a year of subsidized lessons!

Visit the page for more details. Thanks in advance for your help!