Weekly Round-up 7/18/16

Performances: Let’s see- so many in August! Mostly Satellites. We’ve got a few church fundraisers, another night at the Icehouse, and potentially a gig at the VFW. Stay tuned for more details. Mill City Five had a BLAST at Como Dockside last Friday. We’re next up August 26th at Minnehaha Falls, with a few gigs in the works as well.

Rehearsals: No rehearsals this week- fine by me! It’s birthday week!

Practicing: The Tune Library hit 100 tunes on Friday! I added one more today, but I’m doing a little review now. Working on Bitsch Etude No 1 for my first lesson at the U, Red Dragonfly, and thinking about adding Annie Laurie back into the mix for my first doctoral recital.

Listening: The Beatles are my quintessential summer music.

Teaching: Watching out for tension, good posture, airflow, etc. Driving home the importance of efficient, honest practice.

Studying: UMN entrance exams. On repeat.

Relaxing: Comic Book Club on Sunday, Ghostbusters (!!!!) on Saturday, oh yeah, and I bought a hammock.