Weekly Roundup 1/27/15

Reading: Still working on The Music Teaching Artists’ Bible.

Practicing: “Duo Concertante for Tenor and Bass Trombone” by Daniel Schnyder. I get together frequently with my friend Derek to sight-read duets and he had just gotten this in the mail. We got about four bars in and realized we’d never be able to read it cold, so I brought it home to get familiar with it.

Rehearsing: I haven’t had any rehearsals this week! Crazy!

Performing: No performances either.

Listening: Iron and Wine, pretty much his entire catalogue, always; Sleater-Kinney, No Cities To Love, which has me swooning it’s so good; Bjork, Vulnicura.

Teaching: Air air air air air. Follow the musical line. Don’t hold anything back.

Relaxing: Making cookies and watching The Legend of Korra.

Kind of a slow week! End of January doldrums, I guess.

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