Weekly Roundup 4/7/15

April’s first round-up! I took a little break last week for R&R, so here’s what’s been on my radar the last two weeks:

Reading: The Etymologicon, by Mark Forseth: A circular journey through the hidden meanings of the English language. Highly recommend! Funny and smart.

Practicing: Red Dragonfly, Annie Laurie

Rehearsing: Easter has come and gone, and Metro gets back to work this weekend.

Performing: Two Easter services at St John’s in New Brighton.

Listening: Over my holiday I saw several amazing live shows: The Decemberists, OK GO, and the Vijay Iyer trio. Two were remarkably fun and one was inspirational and challenging.

Teaching: Recently someone shared a TED Talk with me by Amy Cuddy (I’ll embed it below) about the use of body language to help change your behavior and performance. Her key slogan? “Fake it until you become it”- the idea that even two minutes of practicing a power posture can lead to better performance in an interview, audition, whatever. I have several students going into contest competitions next week and we will be trying some of these ideas.

Relaxing: What a great week! I spent four days in Chicago visiting friends, seeing music and comedy and art, catching up with some of the special folks in my life. Upon returning to Minneapolis I continued the fun, hanging out with local friends, seeing more live music, watching college basketball (You’ll always be my number one, Wisconsin!). This week it’s back to business as usual, but I feel relaxed and happy to be back at it.

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