Weekly Roundup 6/9/15

Oh man! I totally spaced last week and forgot to do a roundup. Not even sure what I was doing. Not blogging. Whatever. I’m back!

Reading: This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J Levitin. (still reading)

Arranging: Editing old arrangements for the Satellites. Still doing this, too. Endlessly. Arranging feels like it’s never done.

Practicing: Satellites charts, lip trills, double and triple tonguing, slurs into the trigger register.

Rehearsing: Satellites have their first rehearsal Thursday so those charts better be ready, missy!

Performing: Midnight in Moscow, July 1st at Driftwood Char Bar.

Metro put on a stellar concert last week. Really well-attended and liked. Da Pacem Domine (my arrangement) was a particular hit!

Listening: Best Coast (saw them live last night at First Avenue!), Tame Impala (give me the new record asap)

Teaching: How to manage your summer practice schedule.

Relaxing: Reading outdoors in the sunshine. Drinking iced tea. I love summer.

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