Congratulations are in order!

I have a few shout-outs to give to students today, because y’all are awesome and are doing great things.

Firstly, to Bjorn S. for making top orchestra in Minnesota Youth Symphonies- his first audition for the group and he’s already in the top spot! Well-deserved, too.

To Henry O. for making it into the Minnesota Junior Winds for the fall, plus participating in South High Summer Jazz Camp- truly a trombone superstar this summer.

To Maddie R. and Matt W. for their spots in Edina High School’s top band in the fall, and to Amanda M. for making section leader.

To McKenna R. for snagging an alternate spot for the All-State Bands in August.

To all my other students, who work hard and consistently surprise me with their newfound musical strengths. Keep practicing! Good things are coming to you, too.

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