Weekly Roundup 8/11/15

I was on a road trip through Big Sky Country last week- got to see moose, bison, pronghorns, elk, and lots and lots of beautiful mountains and flora. Now it’s back to work and gearing up for fall lessons!

Reading: nothing on the shelf.

Arranging: A few edits for Satellites charts.

Practicing: Rebuild time after a week off. This means a few days of long tones and lip slurs, and lots of tunes in 12 keys with the Intonation Helper before I’m ready to jump back into my technical work. Buzz buzz buzz, sing sing sing.

Rehearsing: Satellites on Sunday- gearing up for next month’s gigs!

Performing: Midnight in Moscow Aug 26th at Driftwood Char Bar, 7pm.

Listening: Doing research for Midnight’s new gig book. We’re streamlining and looking for new tunes to add to our repertoire. This means listening to lots of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Preservation Hall! Not bad.

Teaching: End of summer preparation for lots of students- getting those chops back for band camp and rehearsals.

Relaxing: Tomorrow night the Perseid meteor shower peaks! Get out of the city and find some dark sky to enjoy the show.

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