Weekly Roundup 8/25/15

Reading: nothing on the shelf.

Arranging: A few edits (and one major revision) for Satellites charts.

Practicing: Time to start really digging into Annie Laurie, which I’ll perform with Metro Brass as accompaniment sometime in our next performance season. This means hoping my work revitalizing my multiple tonguing skills and quick slide work has paid off!

Rehearsing: Satellites core group got together on Sunday to revise and finalize our charts. We’ll have full band rehearsal this coming Sunday for our gig on the 5th!

Performing: Midnight in Moscow Aug 26th at Driftwood Char Bar, 7pm. The Satellites Sept 5 at 11pm, Icehouse.


(look at that sweet branding!)

Listening: I’m painting another room in my house, and it feels like an 80s pop playlist kind of activity.

Teaching: End of summer preparation for lots of students- getting those chops back for band camp and rehearsals and auditions. For some marching band folks, I’m offering ‘crash courses’ on how to effectively memorize music.

Relaxing: HOLY COW the State Fair starts this week. I’ll be there on Saturday. Then a beach day, then some kayaking- gotta make that summer last.

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