Weekly Roundup 11/30/15

Reading: n/a (Well, for fun I’m reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, so…)

Arranging: n/a at the moment!

Practicing: I have a lesson with Kari Sundstrom, trombonist with the Minnesota Orchestra, in two weeks, to go over my doctoral audition materials and anything else we have time for! I’m also hard at work on the Trombone a Trois recital pieces and the two pieces I’ll be performing with my friend Gabe on her recital in St Louis next weekend.

Rehearsing: Trombone a Trois is hard at work preparing for our December 8th show at Hamline! Hope you can make it- check out the Facebook page for more details.

AND! A new 7-piece jazz ‘big band’ style group is in the works! Some marvelous players, and an all lady horn section, which, while not our schtick, is almost unheard of, so I’m happy to get that representation out there!

Performing: Trombone a Trois. See above. Gabe’s recital, see link above,

Listening: HAMILTON (yes, still)

Teaching: Week two of the Jan treatment is going strong! I’m figuring out how to expand on the concept with individual folks and help them grow their sound and musicality.

I visited with the middle and high schoolers in Zimmerman, MN this morning, and it was a blast! We talked concept and made some gorgeous low brass sounds.

Relaxing: UGH I’ll rest when I’m dead

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