Weekly Round-up 2/8/16

Performances: As always I keep a calendar updated on this site.

Monday, 2/8 12pm- Hamline University Lunch Recital. More info to come! These are short, informal half-hour recitals and I am happy to be the featured artist for February. I’ll be playing the David Concertino, selections from Bach Cello Suite No 2, and the first movement of Red Dragonfly by Amy Mills. TODAY! Tune in here to watch: http://portal.stretchinternet.com/hamlineadmin/

Rehearsals: Mill City Five meets this week!

Practicing: Auditions are done, after this afternoon my feature recital at Hamline will be done, and I’m looking at a long stretch in February with nothing very concrete to prepare. I think it may be time to dive back into some etudes, like the Slama or the Arban, perhaps.

Listening: Hit up some tunes reminiscent of things I loved in college yesterday, Ani Difranco’s Evolve being at the top of the list.

And, I watched Minnesota Youth Symphonies give a tremendous concert yesterday afternoon in Orchestra Hall. My student Bjorn performed 1st trombone on Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphoses with the top orchestra. It was phenomenal. That piece brings back some amazing memories from high school and makes me a little weepy.

Teaching: Not sure what will come up this week! Focused practice has been my main tool for taking students’ attention off technique and intonation- and solving those problems in the process.

Studying: Time to start researching grants for my studio scholarship expansion plans. And it’s MMEA weekend, which means I’ll get to learn how to be a contest judge!

Relaxing: I’m not sure what that is.


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