Weekly Round-up 4/18/16

Performances: Metro Brass 5/1/2016 Live at the Capri Theatre. Tickets are on sale now!

I’ve got upcoming masterclasses and performances with Mill City Five and The Satellites in May coming up quick!

Rehearsals: Metro this past Sunday had a killer rehearsal. Really nice work accomplished. Looking forward to this concert! Hoping to get Satellites horn section together before our May gigs.

Practicing: Minnesota Orchestra audition repertoire. Rinse, repeat. I had a lesson on Friday with Doug Wright and it was so helpful. My lesson with Prof Ashworth today at the U was equally helpful. Lots of different ears on what you are working on is really key.

Listening: Podcasts: 2 Dope Queens, Mortified, This American Life.

Teaching: “Darts” and “Straws”. Darts for air and tone. Straws for higher register and airflow.

Studying: On hiatus from study while I prepare my MnOrch audition.

Relaxing: A 15 mile bike ride yesterday with good bike companions. All the sunshine I can take in. Yoga.

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