Weekly Round-up 5/31/16

Performances: A wedding on June 4th, but otherwise things are looking slim in the performance category until July. Lots of other things going on, though!

Rehearsals: Rehearsal for “Brass Lassie”, a pick-up group I am performing with at the Scottish Faire in July, on Friday. Looking forward to this!

Practicing: Music for the above (Brass Lassie rehearsal and Saturday’s wedding). Additionally, still adding tunes to my Tune Library!

Listening: My partner was in town this weekend and we went all in on the classical section of the used records at Electric Fetus. Scored a great recording of Elsa’s Procession by the Eastman Wind Ensemble, a Bernstein recording of Brahms 3, and many other greats.

Teaching: Good practice habits, as always, combined with utilizing learning styles and methods for good focus.

Studying: Grant preparation, doctoral recital repertoire, UMN entrance exams.

Relaxing: As I mentioned, my partner Jarel was in town this weekend. We saw a Lynx game, went to the Orchestra, visited Eloise Butler and the Quaking Bog, listened to records on a rainy day, and ate at some of my favorite Minneapolis restaurants. A great weekend that went too quickly.

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