Weekly Round-up 6/6/16

Performances: No performances scheduled in June at the moment, but…

Brass Lassie: July 9th, sets at 11a and 2pm, Minnesota Scottish Fair

Rehearsals: Rehearsal for “Brass Lassie”was last Friday and it sure was fun! I would have to say this is the most unique and interesting gig of my career to date. I hope you can make the performance!

Metro Brass met on Sunday night to read some new charts. Porgy and Bess, my heart.

Practicing: Still adding tunes to my Tune Library! I’d like to get to 100 by the end of June- can you help?

Listening: I heard one of my favorite pieces on the radio the other day and it was just perfect timing. I was stuck in traffic, it was raining…well, you can enjoy it anytime:

(The old Pope’s in this one, but DUDAMEL’S HAIR THO)

Teaching: Get ready students, because it’s the summer of tunes. We’ll be learning tunes for ear training, key practice, articulation, range, transposition…everything. See above for the TL. You can pick out a tune in advance if you’d like!

Studying: UMN entrance exams. Oh god, speaking of ear training. Mild anxiety attack as I try to remember how to do melodic dictation quickly.

Relaxing: Not enough of this in the past week. But this weekend: NYC here I come.

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