Weekly Round-up 7/11/16

Performances: July has been busy! Brass Lassie at the Scottish Fair this past Saturday was an amazing event- I’d never been to a Highland Games before and it was not only fun to play for the crowd but to also be a spectator to some awesome feats of strength.

Next up:

Mill City Five: July 15th, 530-7pm @ Como Lakeside Pavilion. It’s free! Good food, beer, company, and tunes. See you there.

Rehearsals: MC5 gets together this Wednesday night to prepare for our Como gig. I’m sitting in with Sheldon Theatre Brass Band in Red Wing tonight- British Colliery band is one of my favorite styles to play in and this group is full of incredible talent and leadership.

Practicing: Absolutely must get started on repertoire for my upcoming doctoral program. Want to learn the third movement of Red Dragonfly and find some other pieces to fill out the program.

Also hoping to add some technical practice back into my routine.

Listening: Nothing new or special. I’ll start doing new arrangements for the Satellites this week so that will change.

Teaching: Summer of Tunes continues. After some in-depth talks with my good friend Jason Hausback this week, and watching him work with my students on various areas, I’m excited to apply some new techniques and observations.

Studying: UMN entrance exams. On repeat.

Relaxing: Well! What’s that! I did spend a lovely weekend in Lutsen with my partner over the 4th, hikes and campfires galore. Lots of good meals and bike rides with Jason. Buying a hammock today.

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