Weekly Round-up 8/8/16


Aug 13 5-6p Chapel Hill Church Fundraiser
Aug 26 10p-1230a Icehouse!

Mill City Five:
Aug 20 4-6p Bistro La Roux Patio Grand Opening party!
Aug 26 7-830p Minnehaha Falls Pavilion

Rehearsals: No rehearsals for me this week.

Practicing: Annie Laurie, Red Dragonfly, Bitsch No 1, Telemann Canonical Sonata No 1.

Listening: Just watching the Olympics.

Oh AND, saw Corinne Bailey Rae last night at First Ave. Holy cow. What a joyous, warm, wonderful, funky performance.

Teaching: Approach everything with open-mindness.

Studying: UMN entrance exams. On repeat.

Relaxing: What a marvelous weekend. Farmer’s Market, kayaking, Open Streets NE, Corinne Bailey Rae- and the weather was perfect. I’ll take another, please!

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