All the News from this End

Hey all,

Here’s a little round-up (!) of all the things I’m working on these days so you don’t think I’ve disappeared into school and will never come out.

  1. Life at the U: I’m settling into being a doctoral student. My routine of practice, lessons, performances, and classes is pretty exhausting, but I’m managing to keep a good handle on everything. My first of five doctoral recitals will be Dec 12 at 3:35 in Ultan Recital Hall.
  2. Life as a teacher: My students give me so much life. This year they’re working smarter than ever, and making enormous strides in their sound and musicality. Highlights: Julia plays in GTCYS’s Camerata Orchestra, Henry O and Owen are both in their second year with Minnesota Junior Winds, and Alex B started music studies at Century College (and got me the job teaching him through their program!).
  3. Life as a performer: My regular activities in groups have been pretty quiet lately, and I hope that will change soon. The Satellites are waiting for our stellar singer Rhianon to recover quickly from some minor medical procedures and Mill City Five is just looking for the next gig. The big news is that Brass Lassie is back and will be playing a feature concert at Celtic Junction on November 5!
  4. Life as a non-musician: I snuck out last weekend and got in a little camping. I’m enjoying this bright fall days and hope for many more weeks of bike riding weather. I’ll be visiting Chicago over the Oct 21st weekend to see my good friend Matt perform with his trio at the Constellation Club and can’t wait for the trip!

That’s life as I know it right now. Hope to see you at Brass Lassie Nov 5th!

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