Women’s History Month 2018

Women are always making history, of course, but we get official about it in March. Next Thursday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Originally observed by suffragettes in the United States and factory workers in Russia, IWD now convenes internationally to celebrate the cultural, political, social, and economic achievements of women worldwide.

On the blog this month I’ll be celebrating musical women; highlighting not just brass and classical players but a wide variety of ladies making strides in the music world. Over on Facebook you can find a link to the Women Composers Database, a resource for finding your next performance piece. On Wednesdays we’ll celebrate #wcw – that’s ‘woman crush wednesday’ for you non-hashtag-hip folks- by showcasing a woman in music who’s really inspiring us. I’ve got a great one for this week and I can’t wait to share her music with you.

And Fridays are challenge days. Watch my Facebook page for a prompt from me asking you to share something or seek out some knowledge and report back. Let’s all grow our knowledge of women in the music industry and help promote their visibility!

Happy Women’s History Month!

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