Teaching Journal 4.8.18

# of Students Taught: 4

Ages: 1 frosh, 3 juniors

Instrument: 3 trombone, 1 bass trombone

Materials: scales, tunes, & ear training; solo contest pieces, etudes, audition music

Fundamentals covered: working on my new visual of feeling like we are a conduit for our air- we feel it rise up from the floor, through our bodies, and out the bell of the horn. We become a channel for a consistent, constant flow of energy that we turn into sound. Also covered: slow practice techniques, phrasing, interpretation.

Memorable moment: Gosh, all of my lessons today were EXCELLENT. Even my slightly attention-challenged student really did some good work on his own and kept focus throughout the lesson. The bass trombonist was especially sounding great today- best I’ve heard him- and I think it had to do how fun he finds his solo piece (1st mvt of the Haddad Suite for Tuba). We did careful speeding up of each phrase on the second page, channeling the tremendous energy needed to keep it exciting and fiery.

Takeaways: Music that we love to play is fun to play, and we will practice it for the delight of doing so. We’ll imagine ourselves doing well, expressing our joy of performing, and that will lend itself to healthy, focused practicing. It’s often a struggle to find the joy in everything we do, but I think we can learn from the pieces we do like how to find that energy for the things that excite us less.

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