The Blog in May: #MusicAndMentalHealth

It’s May! Up here in Minnesota, the snow has finally melted and we even had one day get into the 80s. People are starting to shake off the winter blues, festival and event season is gearing up, and the trees are getting those first bits of green.

But even with winter in the rearview mirror and the promise of warmer, more social times ahead, spring and summer can be a tough time for many. In May, medical health professionals everywhere celebrate Mental Health Month, a period of advocacy, visibility, and support for people struggling with mental illnesses.

In conjunction with all the fine work being done on the topic by many of my colleagues, I’m dedicating the blog this month to the mental health of musicians, professional and amateur alike, and how the art  of music can help and hinder our wellbeing. I’ll talk about how I’ve found balance in my career (and how I haven’t!), showcase colleagues whose writing and influence have helped me, and ask you to weigh in on how your life with music affects your brain.

And now that I’ve written this up- I can go for a therapeutic sunny afternoon bike ride! Stay tuned for more in May.

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