Weekly Roundup 7/14/15

Reading: Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music by Glenn Kurtz.

Arranging: One final proof of Satellites charts before we start rehearsals!

Practicing: Alternating lip trill work with multiple tonguing. I have some tricky runs in the arrangement of Rolling Thunder that Metro Brass is doing at the Hudson Bandshell.

Rehearsing: Metro Brass on the 19th

Performing: Metro Brass July 23rd at the Hudson Bandshell. I have a new performance calendar! Bookmark it, subscribe to do, do what you gotta do- see you at the gig.

Listening: Just biding my time until the 17th, when the new Tame Impala record comes out.

Teaching: Rochuts in tenor clef. Get on it. Miracle high range fixer.

Relaxing: A really busy, but really fun weekend: Mingo Fishtrap at the Dakota Friday night, The Princess Bride was the movie in Windom Park on Saturday night, Open Streets NE Sunday!

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