Weekly Roundup 7/28/15

Last Tuesday was my birthday, so I took the week off from weekly roundups. And now we’re back! Except for next week. I’ll be out of town. 🙂

Reading:  Finished: Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music by Glenn Kurtz. Currently reading: nothing!

Arranging: Clear of arranging duties for a few weeks.

Practicing: Range extension. I’ve added quite a few partials to my daily lip slurs and gone down into the trigger and pedal register, looking for solidity and reliability of sound.

Rehearsing: No rehearsals scheduled.

Performing: Midnight in Moscow August 8th at Mekong Little Night Market. Time TBD. I have a new performance calendar! Bookmark it, subscribe to do, do what you gotta do- see you at the gig.

Listening: Needing a little break from organized sound, as happens occasionally.

Teaching: Good routine development and attention to detail. A mistake is not a problem- until you repeatedly practice it.

Relaxing: Watching Nature365 videos, going to the beach to take advantage of the hot days while we have them, riding bike all manner of places.

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