Husting Studio Scholarship: Year 2!

Friends, family, students and student families, fans, random internet lurkers,

I am pleased to announce that on Friday July 15th I made my second annual campaign to fund scholarship to my studio for low-income low brass students live on GoFundMe. The campaign is running strong at nearly $1000 after only 4 days- which is where I set my goal for Friday, July 22nd! This year, I’m hoping to double contributions so I can expand the program to 2 full or 4 half scholarships, and offer clinics to school band programs that can’t otherwise afford outside coaching.

Here’s the link: Husting Studio Scholarship 2016

Please consider visiting for more information, donating if you can, and sharing the link with your circle! I really appreciate all the help and support this little project has gotten this past year, and I can’t wait to see where it grows.

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