Husting Studio Scholarship Fund 2016: FUNDED

Campaign wrap-up time!

(I’m leaving donations open for a little while longer in hopes that last $75 might sneak in, but this is the last you’ll hear from me until students start lessons)

Here are some 2016 Statistics I found interesting:

Campaign length: 1 month
# of Donors: 63
Repeat donors from 2015: 26
Members of my studio who donated: 6
Donation range: $5-$360
# of Countries represented: 4
Farthest away Donors: Melbourne, Australia (x2!)
Distance Donor shout-outs: Gothenburg, Sweden & Bangalore, India
Mood upon completing year 2: Grateful, excited, overwhelmed, amazed, loved, and ready to get to work.

Thank you all of you for making Year 2 a runaway success. Last year when I began the campaign, it was just a hunch. This year, I took a big risk doubling the donation ask, and worried it’d be too much. But I underestimated how much y’all value music education. Thank you, eternally, thank you.

Love and Low Brass,


Husting Studio Scholarship: Year 2!

Friends, family, students and student families, fans, random internet lurkers,

I am pleased to announce that on Friday July 15th I made my second annual campaign to fund scholarship to my studio for low-income low brass students live on GoFundMe. The campaign is running strong at nearly $1000 after only 4 days- which is where I set my goal for Friday, July 22nd! This year, I’m hoping to double contributions so I can expand the program to 2 full or 4 half scholarships, and offer clinics to school band programs that can’t otherwise afford outside coaching.

Here’s the link: Husting Studio Scholarship 2016

Please consider visiting for more information, donating if you can, and sharing the link with your circle! I really appreciate all the help and support this little project has gotten this past year, and I can’t wait to see where it grows.

Goal Accomplished!

We did it! We funded my Husting Studio Scholarship Fund in less than 2 weeks! I am so honored, humbled, thrilled, overwhelmed, and frankly, amazed by all the generosity and support my community has shown in helping me provide music lessons to underprivileged youth. Because we funded it within my goal time of 11 days, I’ll offer two students the opportunity to take lessons!

The campaign will remain live until the end of the month. Any additional donations will go toward additional materials for the students, or possibly toward organizing a studio recital.

My next step is to find candidates for the scholarship and then go through the hard process of choosing the best one! I’ll be emailing band directors at schools with a large population of children receiving the free or reduced lunch program and asking them to nominate students they feel would benefit from the experience. From there, the student will fill out my Scholarship Application and tell me a little bit about why they want lessons.

If you are a band director and you think you have a student who’d be a good fit for my studio, please contact me at lahusting AT gmail DOT com, or fill out the contact form.

Thanks again to all who participated. You have no idea how grateful I am that this was so well-received. I look forward to meeting my new student and getting started!