January Update

I have a hot second here before spring semester really kicks into gear and I disappear under the weight of ‘getting a DMA’, so I thought I’d give you a few insights into what’s new in my world.

Yesterday I presented and performed at the BrassChix annual seminar, in the company of music greats like Takako Seimiya Senn, Melissa Williams, and Gail Williams, and it was, as always, an absolute joy to be a part of it. I had 11 trombonists in my session and loved working with one of them on her orchestral excerpts.

On January 9th, I performed selections from my 1st Doctoral Recital at St Louis Park Senior High School, to an audience of about 25 band students. They were a great audience and I hope to be back soon!

In upcoming news, I’ve scheduled my next recital for April 3rd at UMN and will be performing a program of diverse works, including the Nino Rota Concerto, Dutilleux’s Choral, Cadence, et Fugato, Barbara York’s A Caged Bird, the Wagenseil Alto Trombone Concerto, and John Kenny’s Fanfare. Stay tuned for more details. It will be live-streamed again.

My students are gearing up for solo/ensemble contest and All-State auditions, and a few are starting to think about college auditions. I’m so impressed¬†the steps many of them took over winter break to practice and improve in all areas.

Keep an eye on this space for news from Brass Lassie, The Satellites, and Mill City Five. They all still exist- just hibernating, I promise!

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