Happy Women’s History Month!

*sheepishly pokes her head into her blog* *grins sideways*

Hey, there, old blog old friend! Guess what! I saw an amazing concert last night. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be creating original content in March based around celebrating women in brass history and brass present…I’ve just been so…busy. I’m so sorry. Can I tell you about the concert? It’s relevant, I swear. Yes? Ok!

Last night I had the pure joy and soul-sustaining honor to attend tenThing, a 10-piece, all female Norwegian brass ensemble spearheaded by trumpet virtuoso Tine (pronounced “Tina”) Thing (“Ting”) Helseth. The concert was held at Aria in the North Loop and presented by the Schubert Club.

It was so glorious. Their artistry, movement, collaboration, and joy were palpable from the back of the hall, and they didn’t shy away from anything (and why would they?), softs, louds, or otherwise. I started crying before they even finished coming onto the stage. This is an ensemble that uses all the colors in their vast palates to create pure music. Their program wasn’t particularly out there- lots of “standard” rep like suites from Carmen, West Side Story, and piano works from Mozart, Grieg, and Copland- but the arrangements were fresh and tailor-made to their style and grace.

(If you don’t believe me, check out the review in the Star Tribune)

This should come as no surprise, but my favorite section was the four masterful trombonists. They displayed absolute ease with all of the fast licks and pianos and brought golden fortes worthy of a major symphony performance, perfectly balanced in tone and in tune. The flugelhorn player and the hornist were also highlights- they interacted with one another often to express smiles over the music the group was creating, and of course Tine herself sparkled and danced. Her solo over Piazzola’s “Oblivion” was a highlight for me.

So there you have it. Go check out Tine, tenThing, and all the ladies bringing women-power to the brass world. The future is bright, my friends. Happy Women’s History Month. Let’s make some future.

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